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"Home Body" explores imprints of time and family on my boyhood home…and on me. This is the most autobiographical, contemplative work I have done. This 120-year-old house has been the family home since 1960. I grew up here, lived elsewhere for two decades, moved back in 2003, probably for good. Evidence of my parents’ lives is everywhere: from dad’s fading notes and carpentry calculations on cracked paint walls to mom’s now mud-encrusted canning jars on the cellar’s dirt floor ("Bounty"). A few feet away are layers of age-old rock beneath more layers of cinderblock ("Foundation #1"), a depiction of time, monument to stability, metaphor for my mother and father. I want to preserve all of this. Cleaning it up or somehow “improving” things would erase part of their story. “Home Body” also contains evidence of something else: my need for a sense of permanence. I am all too aware that life is ephemeral.