Fine Art Photography | Color, B&W, Landscape, water, form, representational, abstract, workshops: JW Johnston
  Home Body
  Page Brook
  Impro Topo
  Old Haunts


My work does not fit neatly into a niche, but my diverse projects have commonalities: predominantly monochrome, with emphasis on form, light and line, tone and texture. I use my Nikon D800, Toyo 45AII, and my iPhone 11 Pro. I photograph what I love.

My ongoing “Old Haunts” project and the more abstract “Emergence” feature nearby outdoor landscapes that, after so many years, continue to reveal their secrets. “Impro Topo” explores light filtering through window curtains and the topographies that result.  “Home Body” is the project exploring imprints of time and family on my boyhood home.

I am in my 60s and I believe I’m doing my best work.  With age and experience comes contemplation, and with contemplation, greater openness, awareness and appreciation of my world. I focus on the “everyday.” As I encounter less breadth, I discover more depth.

When I make photographs and allow myself to experience my surroundings, I have a moment of resonance. Maybe it’s what  Weston called “the flame of recognition.” Something I see connects with me.  As I stare to determine exactly what captured my attention, a relationship emerges. I absorb the beauty and the beauty absorbs me. I lose myself and find myself again. It is serene exhilaration.

©2022 JW Johnston


Above Image -  Labrador Hollow