Fine Art Photography | Color, B&W, Landscape, water, form, representational, abstract, workshops: JW Johnston
  Home Body
  Page Brook
  Old Haunts
  Impro Topo

My work is diverse, but my projects share commonalities:  They are mostly monochrome with emphasis on composition, form, light and line, tone and texture.  I photograph subjects that I love.

The Page Brook project features representational and abstract images; a collective portrait of my favorite stream.  Impro Topo explores light filtering through curtains and the topographies - real and imaginary - that result. Home Body is a tribute to my late mother and father as it explores imprints of time and family on my boyhood home.

I am 71 and I believe that with age and experience comes contemplation.  Contemplation fosters openness, awareness, and appreciation.  As I focus on the “everyday,” I discover more depth.  

As I make photographs, I often have moments of resonance. Maybe it’s what Weston called “the flame of recognition.” Something I see connects with me.  As I stare and consider exactly what captures my attention, a relationship emerges. I absorb the beauty and the beauty absorbs me. I lose myself and find myself again. It is serene exhilaration.

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