Fine Art Photography | Color, B&W, Landscape, water, form, representational, abstract, workshops: JW Johnston
  Home Body
  Page Brook
  Old Haunts
Impro Topo - shorthand for Improvisational Topography - explores how shape and form nudge our imaginations, evoke memories, suggest emotions. I create these shapes by crumpling and twisting a window curtain. When I let go, the curtain relaxes, settling into its new three-dimensional topography, with daylight filtering through.  This “fabri-scape” of light and dark, line and form, suggests something nebulous lingering in my subconscious, perhaps something real, something seen, or long ago imagined or dreamt of. It’s a reunion of sorts. Reunions bring bliss and warmth, apprehension and regret. What I experience with these images is based on my life. Minor White said that we ”invent a subject…out of the stuff and substance of ourselves…and turn the photo into some part of ourselves.”  I don’t apply descriptive titles.  View this work.  Have your own experience. Derive your own meaning, without hint or suggestion from me. 
Impro Topo #3
Impro Topo #5
Impro Topo #4
Impro Topo #6
Impro Topo #2
Impro Topo #8
Impro Topo #49
Impro Topo Source Material