Fine Art Photography | Color, B&W, Landscape, water, form, representational, abstract, workshops: JW Johnston
  Impro Topo
  Old Haunts

In “Home Body”, an ongoing project, I explore imprints of time and family on my boyhood home…and on me.  This 120-year-old house in a small upstate New York village has been the family home since 1960. My parents raised me and my sister here. I lived elsewhere for two decades, moved back in 2003, probably for good.  This is my home and I wear it like skin. This is where casual conversation provides sustenance, where triumphs are celebrated, failures endured, where I found solace as my first marriage failed, where my father died despite my attempt to resuscitate him, and where I once shared an observation with my mother before remembering she had died a week earlier.  A lot happens in a lifetime. This house was - and is - the setting for most of it.  Cleaning up the evidence would erase some of my parents’ story - my story, too. I yearn for the illusion of permanence. I am all too aware that life is ephemeral.