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So many of us feel a heartfelt connect with nature's beauty.  Our spirits are renewed when we experience a sunset's color, a flower's form, or a stream's flow.  This class helps you produce breathtakng photogaphs that share your unique vision of beauty in the great outdoors.  Instructor presentations, take-home exercises, in-depth, constructive comments about your work, and a field trip to Chenango Valley State Park are all a part opf this hands-on class that fosters your technical and creative growth.  Most students who take this class use a digital SLR, but smartphone photographers are now encouraged to take part.  This class won't happen again until Summer, 2020.  Enrollment is limited.  


4 Mondays  6/24/19 - 7/22/19

No Class July 1    Classroom Sessions times:   6:30-9PM

Fee: $79

Contact (607) 778-5012 for more information OR CLICK HERE



So maybe you know how to adjust your aperture and shutter speed.  You might know how to bring up and read a histogram and select white balance.  Buyt you still feel as if you're not putting it all together.  This class brings your skills to the next level.  Take control of your camera's bells and whistles to make the kind of photos you envision.  You'll learn how to capture motion with dramatic flare, bring out saturated colors, learn how to use natural light, build composition skills and much more.  Whether you want to to shoot portraits, landscapes, weddings, sports or just family gatherings, this class helps you become a better photographer.  This class is three sessions long, but I'll provide a bonus, private, online critique of your work.    (No class on July 3.)

3  Wednesdays, June 26-July 17    6:30-9PM

Fee:  $69

Contact (607) 778-5012 for more information or CLICK HERE