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Shooting Water

If it’s Spring it must be time for Shooting Water. This class explores all the ways you can most effectively and dramatically photograph water.  Whether your scene is a colorful reflection in a quiet pond, the silky water of a slow-moving stream or the rush of a waterfall, this class guides you through some simple techniques that make beautiful images of water possible, from straightforward to abstract.  When do you use a tripod and when DON'T you? How can filters on your lens help? How can shutter speed transform a so-so scene into a breathtaking moment? This class shows you.   New this year:  a field trip.     Students should bring their dSLRs to all four sessions.  Students need to provide their own transportation to field trip site. This class is offered just once this year.

4 Mondays  April 8, 22, 29* (field trip)  and May 6

No Class April 15

Classroom Sessions times:   April 8, 22 and May 6 (6:30-8:45PM)

Field Trip time:   April 29  (6:00-8:00PM)