Fine Art Photography | Color, B&W, Landscape, water, form, representational, abstract, workshops: JW Johnston
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After heavy rain or rapid snowmelt, Page Brook roars. Whitewater rushes and rages. It draws me close. I stare at pulsating shapes and swirls and churns. 

Most of the time, Page Brook’s song is a whisper. Dappled light twinkles as thin layers of water glide over smooth, flat shale, striking distinct, delicate, arrhythmic tones. This is when I feel Page Brook’s gentle embrace, as though I’m hovering just above the water and gliding upstream to the revelation, the answer. 

The Page Brook project is a collective portrait of my favorite stream: details and vistas, abstract and representational, instants in time and accumulations of time, serene and sublime.

Page Brook with Arch and Abutment
Page Brook, Early Morning #`1
Page Brook, Early Morning #2
Page Brook Whitewater - March 25, 2022
Page Brook Whitewater, February 23, 2022
Emergence #2
Emergence #21
Emergence #15 - selected by Carl Chiarenza for the international exhibition, Abstract Expressions, at PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT...
Emergence #16
Emergence #51